There is no constant outcry—as there is for the birth of Arab state #22—for even basic human rights, let alone the birth of even one single political entity, for any of the region’s largely subjugated and oppressed non-Arab peoples. They are simply expected to accept their Arabized fate. Indeed, perhaps the most famous Copt of modern times, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the late Egyptian President Sadat’s Foreign Minister and former Secretary General of the United Nations, told visiting Israeli author, Amos Elon (quoted in my own new book, that to “be accepted” in the region, Israel must consent to being Arabized.

Now, read those above quotes, yet again, from those Amazigh spokesmen and see how pathetically hypocritical the so-called voices of Liberal ethical enlightenment truly are.

Why is there no day-to-day demands from The New York Times—as is done on behalf of Arabs, who could have had their 22nd state (and second one in “Palestine”—Jordan created in 1922 from about 80% of the original 1920 Mandate) decades ago if they just didn’t really want that state to replace Israel instead of existing alongside it—for Arabs to allow tens of millions of North African Amazigh parents to practice their own culture, speak their own language, and such and likewise for millions of Kurds in Syria as well?

While the situation is reported to have recently improved in some parts of North Africa, it’s still too early to jump for joy. But again, why have these situations been virtually ignored over the decades by the mainstream media—and in other quarters as well (shame on too many of those supposedly objective academics)? If Israel is not the alleged culprit, no one gives a hoot…The same situation, until the relatively recent overthrow of Saddam in Iraq, could have been said about the plight of millions of Kurds there as well.

While periodic tragic events like Arab gassing of Kurds and Arab genocide against blacks in the Sudan have been reported, once again, the dots have not been connected.

Where are the editorials demanding a roadmap for Kurdistan?